Flexi-Cup Pink 30ml
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Flexi Cup

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These cups are made out of a flexible plastic, and are suitable for individuals who have problems relating to the neck. There are cut-outs on these cups so that they can fit around the nose. This means that the user can tilt the glass up for a drink without having to tilt their head back. For an individual with limited mobility they may not be able to do this without discomfort. The cups are also translucent so that the user can monitor how much fluid is in them while filling up, so as to prevent the chance of an overflow. They can also be squeezed gently to change the shape of the cup lip for easier intake.

  • The plastic is durable and will not smash if dropped
  • Dishwasher safe and latex free
  • Cut out for the nose - user can drink without tilting their head back
  • The flexible plastic allows for funnelling if gently pressed

Available in three sizes, the largest green cup is stiffer and designed to be used independently. Sold as pack of 5