Foam-Filled-Bumper-with-Wipe-Clean-Cover-(Standard-/-Long-/-High-/-Long-&-High) Standard - 135cm x 36cm

Foam Filled Bumper with Wipe Clean Cover

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Perfect as a means of accident prevention for typically calm patients, these bumpers have been proven to prevent limbs protruding from or becoming entangled in most sizes of the bed rail. A number of conditions may lead to confusion or unexpected movements during the night; the foam padding of these side rail bumpers will discreetly prevent falls and other injuries in both domestic and hospital environments, while the multi-stretch cover helps to avoid friction and uncomfortable sliding. Vapour permeable fabric regulates a user's body temperature to prevent overheating, reducing sweating and maceration of the skin. Medical professionals are sure to appreciate the swift no-tool install and improved efficiency of unexpected procedures when access to a patient is required, the side rails can quickly be removed for storage and cleaning.

  • Prevents limbs protruding from or becoming entangled in bed rails
  • Multi-stretch vapour permeable fabric keeps users cool at night
  • Foam padding prevents injury in the event of sudden movements
  • Wipe-clean cover, no need to worry about spills or stains

Available in Standard, Long, High, Long & High