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Folding Bed Rails

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These folding bed rails can offer the support of a standard bed rail but with the ability to fold them away when not in use. This means that the user can have the choice of a bed rail, as and when it is needed. The bed rail offers the user an anchored handle, which means that they can help guide themselves up or down when getting in or out of bed. This could otherwise be a struggle for less mobile individuals. Also, it can work as a barrier at the side of the bed to protect the user from falling out of bed. The railing is available in two sizes and is installed with ease. The clamp mechanism is very simple to use and adjust if required. The tubing is steel for support but has been powder coated for an easier grip and to make it easier to clean. The clamp system makes this railing perfect for profiling beds.

  • There is a choice of Standard or Extra high models
  • Rail folds down flat for ease of side transfer with a concertina action
  • The setup is a one piece rail and a clamp
  • Easy to clean powder coated steel tube makes for a nicer grip
  • It is fully compliant to BS standards

To ensure the rail is correctly fitted, all Casa-Med low beds without integral rails are fitted with a rail fitting safety label.

Specifications: Overall length of rail "“ 144cm (56.5") Overall height from base section "“ 3 bar model: 37cm (14.5 inches) 4 bar model: 49.1cm (19.25 inches)