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This product is a simple device which has been designed to help prevent the user from slipping down when sitting in bed. when leaning up against a backrest, it can be likely that the individual may begin to slip down. This can cause problems for less mobile individuals, as it can be difficult to get back into position. Slouching down can also result in spinal issues arising. This stopper keeps the user upright without excessive effort. The stopper is easily attached to the mattress or frame of the bed using a quick release buckle or loop, depending on the style of bed. It has been covered in lambs wool for comfort, and a cosy feel for the feet while in bed. These are available for divan (loops go around the feet at the top of the bed) or slatted (loops go around the bed frame and the mattress) bed types, please choose the correct style when ordering. The loops allow the foot board to be fitted to single, double and king size beds. A foot board to prevent the individual sliding down in bed It has been made to prevent the user from slipping while sat upright It is easily secured onto most types of beds The lambs wool covering has a soft, luxurious feel There is a choice of model, so pick the one that would most suit your bed Specifications: Approximate width of the actual board itself: 450mm (18") Approximate weight: 1kg (2.2lbs)