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Viewing larger areas of text can be troublesome for individuals who experience problems relating to their vision. To prevent people from straining their eyes when reading small texts, they are able to use a magnifier. The difficulty is viewing larger text is that magnifiers can only view small sections at a time. Trying to view the whole piece can result in warping and distortion of the image. To combat this, the full page magnifier has been developed. It allows larger areas to be viewed without distortion, making it ideal for reading timetables, viewing photographs or looking up a name in a telephone directory. This product is manufactured to a far higher standard than most by using a rigid lens which prevents image warping around the edges of the lens. This magnifier can easily be stored on a bookshelf or in a drawer, ready for when you need it. Sold in a protective, printed card sleeve, which prevents the magnifier from getting damaged when not being used. Approximately 2x magnification. A full page magnifier allows for larger areas of text to be read at once The 2x magnification enables photographs, and timetables to be viewed clearly A rigid lens prevents distortion happening around the edges Suitable for storage in a drawer or on a book shelf for convenience Supplied in a card sleeve for protection Specifications: Size: 28 cm x 21.5 cm (11 x 8") Magnification: x 2