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Gel Ball Hand Exercisers

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  • Great for the training of the hands, fingers, wrists and forearms
  • The ideal exercise for those with limited dexterity 
  • Colour coded balls allow for tailored resistance
  • Can also be used as a stress ball 
  • Completely reusable 
  • Available in five different resistances

These gel balls are a great way of exercising the hands and arms and can be used anywhere that suits the user. The gel balls are colour coded to provide variable resistance training for hands, fingers and forearms. Through being colour-coded, the balls allow users to gradually increase the resistance as they build strength in the arms. They also provide comfort and distraction especially for dementia patients, and their bright colour is especially suitable. The gel balls also act in a similar fashion to stress balls, allowing the user to squeeze them to calm down. The balls are pleasant to touch and durable. Available in 5 different resistances or as a set of 5: Extra soft - pink Soft - blue Medium - green Firm - orange Extra firm - black.