Glide and Lock Sheet - Bed

Glide and Lock Sheet - Bed

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Glide and Lock Sheet - Bed - Quick Facts:

  • Available VAT exclusive for those eligible
  • Designed especially for repositioning on a chair or bed
  • Simply slide the sheet backwards to secure sitting position
  • Slip resistant material in bottom panel
  • Reduce effects of friction on the skin
  • Can be used unassisted
  • Breathable and waterproof top coating
  • Reduces sweating and offers improved comfort

Designed for repositioning when sitting in a chair or bed. The sheet simply slides backwards into a secure sitting position. Slip-resistant material in the bottom panel locks the sheet into place, avoiding the risk of slipping off the seat or bed and reducing the effects of friction on the skin.

Can be used unassisted or with a carer. Features a breathable, waterproof top coating to reduce sweating and improve comfort. Machine washable at 72°C and can be safely tumble dried.

Available in three sizes for wheelchair, bed or chair use.

650 x 800mm (25 1/2 x 31")