Good-Grips-Shoe-Horn 18 inches

Good Grips Shoe Horn

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This shoehorn offers an extended reach and a secure, cushioned grip. The built-up handle is made of a latex free, rubber-like material and features flexible ribbing that adapts to any grip. This handle is so unique, it carries a U.S. Patent. People who have limited mobility and difficulty bending over will appreciate the extra-long design. The textured surface prevents the foot from sticking to the shoehorn, helping it slide easily into the shoe. The principles of leverage mean that even those with limited strength can remove tight shoes with ease. This is a heavy duty but easy to use shoehorn that makes getting dresses a breeze, not a chore. A long handled shoe horn that aims to assist users who have problems with bending down A latex free handle is comfortable and will not cause irritation The patented rubber-like handle can adjust to any grip Textured metal surface allows for an easy operation There are three sizes available and all come in a black colour Specifications: Handle diameter is 38mm (1.5") Available in 3 different lengths: 18", 24", and 30"