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This Harley Bed Relaxer can provide assistance to a wide variety of people, offering support and comfort whilst lying in bed. The versatile piece of equipment can be used when lying flat in bed, attempting to get to sleep, or when sat upright in bed. Developed by Harley, industry experts and Britain's top selling professional orthopaedic pillow providers. This bed relaxer could be used by those who find lying flat uncomfortable. This could occur through personal preference, or through certain conditions such as a hiatus hernia or respiratory conditions. The support and comfort provided whilst sitting or sleeping in bed by this pillow is marvellous. The soft, lightweight bed relaxer is easy to handle and does not require the use of straps to keep it in place. The relaxer can be used in two way, one upright whilst sat in bed, ideal for reading a book, or flat for when trying to sleep. There is included, a washable polyester velour cover, making the use of the relaxer even more comfortable. The size is suited for use by one person, and the cover being machine washable means that bacteria is kept under control. This bed relaxer comes supplied with a coloured cover. A large cushion which provides comfort when sitting or lying in bed It assists those who find lying flat uncomfortable, maybe because of a hiatus hernia or a respiratory problem It supports users as they sit up in bed, it is easy to move thanks to its light weight There is no need for an expensive overhaul with this strap free bed relaxer cushion Supplied with a machine washable polyester velour cover coming in choice of three colours; white, pink or blue Dimensions: Length: 46cm (18"?) Width: 56cm (22"?) Height Changes from 19>3cm (17½ > 1¼")