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Harley Comfort Ease Cushion

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This attractive cushion is ideal for a variety of situations as it is lightweight, comfortable and easily transportable. For individuals who struggle with their mobility, the cushion can raise the height of a seat by 2 inches. This means that the seat is easier to access. The raised set height takes less effort to sit down on and rise up from. The cushion has been constructed using a durable, medium density polyurethane foam. This will last for a long time and is less likely to sag, unlike some other cushions on the market. To maximise the user comfort, the cushion has a discreet tail bone cut out. This will reduce the likelihood of pain and aches developing as the user sits down. Conveniently, there is an inbuilt carry handle to make transporting the cushion easier. There also comes a comfy topping with a water repellent fabric base, making this cushion ideal for outings. The cover arrives in a tartan design as standard, looking stylish while being used. This cushion provides users with the support they need, while being used in a wheelchair, armchair, or vehicle. A fashionable 2" cushion which provides support and comfort for those sat down The raised seat makes it easier to rise up and down from low chairs A discreet tail bone cut out provides the user with additional comfort The cushion will not sag thanks to the long lasting polyurethane foam A waterproof topping and a carry handle make this ideal for days out Dimensions: Length: 43cm (17") Width: 43cm (17") Depth: 5cm (2")