Harley-Pressure-Tex-Mattress-Topper Super king

Harley Pressure-Tex Mattress Topper

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For those who seek some sort of relief as they sleep, this mattress topper can be an affordable solution. This mattress topper simply sits on top of your current mattress and is ideal for individuals with a bed that is too hard and general fatigue and back pain are a problem. There is a nodular construction and high-grade UPV foam, which assist with an excellent recovery and optimum comfort. The design allows air to circulate freely, which keeps skin cool and spreads pressure evenly across the body. All Pressure-Tex toppers are 6cm deep, as this offers ample breathability room. The mattress topper is available with a zipped, fleece cover as standard. Developed to assist with back pain and bed sores, this mattress topper is suitable for patients in low to medium risk categories (as advised by a medical practitioner). Available in four different sizes for various beds.

  • A pressure relieving mattress by Harley for anyone with backache and ulcers
  • The cubic design allows for tension to be eased and for the mattress to conform to the user's shape
  • High-grade foam is durable, long lasting and will let air circulate, keeping the user cool at night
  • The installation is simple, just place on top of your current mattress for instant support
  • Comes with a zipped fleece for additional comfort

Dimensions: Single: 91x190cm (35x75") Double: 137x190cm (54x75") King: 152x198cm (60x78") Super King: 183x198cm (72" x 78")