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This mattress has been specially designed to offer maximum support as well as superior comfort. A base of 8cm high density polyurethane foam fused with a 7cm topping of geometrically profiled nodular visco elastic memory foam creates the perfect mattress to combat the problems associated with bed care and pressure relief. The nodular upper surface of temperature reactive memory foam allows the user's skin to remain cool as the air is allowed to circulate. It has been designed to alleviate pain and reduce the risk of damage to endangered areas of the body. The benefits of this mattress can assist patients up to high risk (as defined by a medical practitioner). The breathable memory foam can assist in reducing the chance of bed sores arising. Suitable for both profiling and standard beds. All mattresses are 15cm (6") deep. With each mattress, there comes a zipped, quilted polyester cover. Available in four different sizes to suit a variety of bed types. A mattress made up of two different materials to provide exceptional support for the user The bottom high density polyurethane foam offers exceptional support and protection from sagging The top Visco Elastic memory foam supplies breathability and comfort Ideal for individuals who are susceptible to ulcer formation from extended time spent in bed Supplied with a zippered quilted polyester mattress cover Dimensions: Single: 91x190cm (35x75") Double: 137x190cm (54x75") King: 152x198cm (60x78") Super King: 183x198cm (72" x 78")