Helping-Hands-Classic-Reacher-(26"-/-32") 26 inches

Classic Pro Reacher

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Remain independent in your own way with the Classic Pro Helping Hands Reacher. Convenience was at the top of the list when designing this product; it features Gripcert jaws with a magnet to make retrieving items from tricky spots (high or low) simpler than ever before. Never lose your keys out of reach again! An absolute essential for users with a limited range of mobility, the Classic Pro Reacher comes fitted with a hooked trigger to make getting dressed by yourself quick and easy. There is even a walking stick clip, perfect for keeping your Reacher with you at all times whilst you're on the go.

  • Easy grip for optimal user comfort
  • Gripcert jaws make it easy to retrieve fallen items
  • Magnet at the tip for keys, etc.
  • Hooked trigger to aid with dressing
  • Walking stick clip keeps reacher to hand at all times

This product is available in two lengths: 26" and 32".