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This sturdy bed rail offers stability to those who have difficulty getting in and out of bed. It enables users to use their own strength to get into access a bed, without the need for a full expensive upgrade of the entire bed. This sturdy railing will work in most bedrooms. The frame is height adjustable and can be positioned anywhere under the mattress of most divan style beds. There is no need for straps, as the weight of the mattress can supply the anchorage required. The two legs rest on the floor securely with rubber ferrules, these have been made with a non-slip rubber so as to provide a secure footing. This rail is supplied flat packed and is simple to assemble and install. Once constructed, the railing is available to help build up user's independence and strength when getting in and out of bed. This railing can assist less mobile users getting in and out of bed The tubing will sit comfortably in the palm There is no need for straps as the mattress supplies the security Comes supplied with non slip rubber ferrules on the feet It is height adjustable so that it may work with a variety of Divan Beds Height adjustable: 83-93cm (32-36") Width: 508mm (20") Max user weight: 18st