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Bed rails can offer less mobile individuals the assistance they may require when getting into and out of bed. This rail is secured by means of two long arms that slip under the mattress. Therefore, the installation process is relatively simple, there is no need for screws or drilling. It can be easily removed and disassembled into three pieces, which can save space in storage. In order to provide additional peace of mind for the user, there are additional clip-on nylon cords that must be secured around the legs of the bed for safety. This railing should not to be used for children under the age of eight. An easy to install railing for additional support in the bedroom Cords and the weight of the mattress ensures that railing is secure The tubing diameter sits nicely in the palm. It provides the additional assistance without the vast expense of a full upgrade. The tubing is easy to clean by wiping down Dimensions: Height above base: 360mm (14.25") Width of mattress arms: 610mm (24") Length of side rail: 935mm (37") Weight: 2.3kg