Homecraft-Savanah-Slatted-Bath-Board 762mm/30 inches

Homecraft Savanah Slatted Bath Board

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So that individuals are able to relax when they have a bath, the Savannah bath board can support those who may experience problems relating to their mobility. It enables individuals to sit across the bath, making it easier to get up, and can work as a shower seat. This means that independence can be retained, which can have a big impact on a person's confidence. The Savannah by Homecraft has been constructed with smooth, reinforced plastic slats which provides a strong, comfortable, and quick draining design. It may hold the weight of a user, but also dries quickly to eliminate a slip risk. The slats are fully sealed against the ingress of water and all fittings are stainless steel, giving a corrosion resistant bath board. The brackets include a serrated face and rubber buffers to help secure the board in place. The bracket may also be angled to position the board further back into the bath, depending on the user's personal preferences. Rubber pads under the slats help prevent the bath board slipping on the rim of the bath. All in all this is an exceptionally sturdy bath board which can facilitate a bath or shower in a comfortable and dignified manner.

  • A high quality bath board which can support users who may experience difficulty lying down in the bath
  • Once fitted it has an exceptionally strong and secure hold a user can rely on
  • Reinforced plastic slats are comfortable to sit on and permits the fast drainage of water
  • All fittings are made from a stainless steel so are protected against corrosion
  • There are many measures which prevent the bath board slipping, offering users peace of mind
  • Available in a variety of lengths:
    • Length 610mm / 24 inches - weight 1.8kg Inside fixings adjustable up to 55cm
    • Length 660mm / 26 inches - weight 2.0kg Inside fixings adjustable up to 65cm
    • Length 686mm / 27 inches - weight 2.1kg Inside fixings adjustable up to 66cm
    • Length 711mm / 28 inches - weight 2.2kg Inside fixings adjustable up to 70cm
    • Length 762mm / 30 inches - weight 2.3kg Inside fixings adjustable up to 75cm