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Inflatable Pressure Relief Ring Cushion

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An inflatable Pressure Relief Ring Cushion is a piece of equipment that can help to reduce the pressure on the body when sitting. The donut shape is an innovative design which can help to spread pressure across the base of the body. This means that the pressure is not concentrated, therefore reducing likelihood of aches and pains. The shape can assist with the development of a comfortable posture. In order to use this item, there is a simple, common valve, which can easily be opened and shut. Either by using one's breath or a pump, the user is may simply inflate the cushion until the desired firmness is achieved. When you have finished sitting simply squeeze the valve to deflate. Once properly deflated, the handy ring cushion may be folded and placed in a drawer or cupboard. This can help save space around the home when there is little room for storage. Included in the purchase is a soft fitted cushion for added comfort when being used.

  • A doughnut ring style inflatable cushion for relieving aches and pains while sitting T
  • he simple valve mechanism is familiar and easy to inflate manually or with a pump
  • A hole in the centre of the cushion may improve the user's posture while being sat on
  • The inflatable cushion lets the user find the perfect configuration for them, while deflation makes for easier storage
  • Comes with a cushion cover which provides the user with additional comfort
  • Outer diameter 15" Inner hole diameter 4 1/2 "