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An inspection mirror can be an very important piece of equipment. It allows individuals to see areas that otherwise they would otherwise miss, and they have a wide range of uses. In a health context, an inspection mirror is invaluable, allowing the user to look at parts of their body. It is ideal for checking for moles or skin conditions, which can be good indicators of other problems. It also allows a person to track growth or retreat of something on their back. There are an array of domestic uses for the inspection mirror also. It has a 12 inch handle which enables the user to look at hard to reach places. For example, a person may look on top of a high cupboard or under the bed using the mirror. This means an area can be checked without the user having to strain themselves or potentially cause an injury. There is an adjustable length hand loop and a finger loop which are used to help twist the mirror into the required position. The mirror itself comes in an oval shape, with an area covering 4 x 6" approximately, and it is also break resistant when under light stress.

  • An inspection mirror lets individuals view areas that otherwise could not be seen
  • It can be used when looking at the body for areas of health concern
  • Allowing the user to check areas without bending down or standing on a step can be very helpful
  • The oval mirror is break resistant when under light stress
  • The 12 inch handle has an adjustable hand and finger look so that the right configuration can be found
  • Mirror Dimensions: 4 x 6 inches (100 x 150mm)