Kurling-Target-Mat Traditional Red/Blue Target

Kurling Target Mat

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Kurling is a fun team game which involves trying to get some stones as close to the centre of the target as possible. It is played in the winter Olympics, but with the parts included in this vinyl collection, the game may be played indoors, not on an ice rink. The fun game may be played by those with mobility conditions or able bodied people alike. In the game, the team with the stones nearest to the centre at the end of each round will win that round. The vinyl mat may be placed at the end of the playing zone and comes supplied in a cardboard tube. There are instructions included which inform the user of the proper set up and how to incorporate it into a game of kurling properly. The red, white and blue concentric circles are visible to the eye. The mat is of a suitable size, covering approximately 1200mm or 47.25 inches square. A vinyl target mat for use as part of indoor games such as kurling A suitable game for those who may not be suited to physical exertion The red, white and blue concentric circles are clearly visible and make an adequate target Supplied in a tube, the target comes with instructions informing of proper use The target covers approximately 1.2 metres squared