Kylie™-Bed-Pad 127x91cm

Kylie™ Bed Pad

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The Kylie bed pads offer maximum protection, absorbency and reliability in the most discreet way. Incontinence should not have to ruin your bedding. With these pads, your mattress is protected from the effects of stagnant moisture such as mould formation or bacteria growth. The stay-dry surface wicks away the moisture for user-comfort and has a waterproof backing to protect the bed. This means that both you and the bed will feel dryer despite any leaks. Every Kylie bed pad is finished with tuck-in flaps for a secure fit to the bed. It is a cost-effective solution to repeated incontinence issues, as it can be reused time and time again after a machine wash.

Protect your bedding from liquids with these waterproof pads

The top layer is comfortable as a sleeping surface

Reusable and washable

Supplied in Salmon pink

Three sizes available for purchase (see drop down menu)