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Kylie™ Chair Pad

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The original Kylie„¢ washable chair pad is a premium protector for your furniture. When an individual struggles with incontinence, it can be a sensitive subject to address. Also, soiling of furniture soon becomes costly, thanks to expensive laundry bills. Rather than paying extra for cushion washing that may not be effective at removing bacteria, these incontinence pads are available to purchase. Designed to offer protection against incontinence, these pads can be used on a variety of household chairs and wheelchairs. They are placed on the seat underneath the user, then the intelligent design keeps the user dry and comfortable. The waterproof backing is integrated with the absorbent pad, designed for comfort yet practicality. This keeps the furniture below dry. These pads intend to be a safe option for all user, developed to be latex free and anti-static treated. The dimensions of the pads are 50 x 50cm, offering ample surface area for protection. The pads also feature a 750ml absorbency and come in a lovely salmon pink colour.

  • A high-quality pad designed to protect furniture from incontinence leaks in a dignified manner
  • The highly absorbent pads can stop liquid reaching the furniture below due to the waterproof backing
  • Suitable for machine washing, these pads can be sued on armchairs and wheelchairs
  • They are latex free and have been anti-static treated to offer comfort and safety for all
  • A 750ml absorbency in this beautiful salmon coloured pad offers discretion for the user