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Leg-X Adjustable Chair Raisers

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This is a set of four adjustable chair raisers that can make getting up from a seat much easier. The higher sitting area is easier to stand up from, requiring less effort by the individual. This is great for individuals who suffer from problems relating to their mobility, as it enables them to stay confident in their own home. By raising the height of the chair, the user can maintain their independence and save money that would be spent on expensive grab rail installations or for a high tech mechanical chair. These moulded sleeves simply slot on the furniture legs and can be adjusted to the appropriate height. This provides the user with freedom to select the height that they would like to raise their chair to, offering the right kind of support for them. There are plastic inserts, which let the user give different height raises to chairs. Inside the moulds, there are integral fins with a domed base, these grip the chair legs and spread the pressure across, which makes them suitable for use with odd shaped legs, that may not work with other chair raisers. Supplied as a set of four with the inserts.

  • A set of four useful furniture raisers which help with getting in and out of a chair
  • They come with inserts and can raise the height by 3,4, or 5 inches
  • There are integral fins and a domed base to accommodate odd shaped legs
  • Suitable for legs up to 1.75" in diameter, these moulded sleeves are affordable
  • They are adjustable so that the user can find a configuration that works for them
  • Specifications:
    • Sleeve Height: 200mm (8")
    • Maximum Leg Diameter: 45mm (1.75")
    • Height Raise: 75, 100 or 125mm (3, 4 or 5")
    • Weight: 255g each
    • Maximum Total Load: 320kg (50.25 stone).