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For users with limited mobility, a series of everyday tasks can become extremely difficult. An individual with joint issues or shoulder pain would experience great discomfort and difficulty in raising their arms to their head, the necessary action in brushing their hair. In order to keep your hair under control, this comb has an extremely long handle, meaning that the user doesn't have to move their upper body as much. The ergonomic handle of the comb is pleasant to grip, comfortable and supportive for those with dexterity issues. On top of the design, the handles have rubber which makes them non slip, aiding grip further.

  • A long handled comb for individuals with mobility problems
  • The handle is ergonomically designed for practicality and comfort
  • Firm teeth in the comb ensure hair is thoroughly combed
  • Non-slip rubber on the handle assists those with poor grip
  • This comb is easy to use and aimed at those with shoulder or joint issues

Specifications: Length: 375mm (14.75")