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The Lite-Touch pen has been designed for individuals who experience pain relating to pressure when it comes to writing. This is common amongst people who are writing for long periods at a time, and also those who experience a weakened grip. Arthritic users may often experience difficulty when writing with a pen. This pen does not require the user to use much pressure when being used. Almost no pressure is required to write with the Lite-Touch Pen. The entire pen is built up to provide a comfortable hold. There is a slight indentation in the thumb area which aids in gripping. The construction is one of a lightweight plastic with a clip top. With the pen there is also a cap included, to prevent excess ink from drying out. The pen writes with black ink. If more ink is required, this pen can take replacement cartridges. It is advised to use the Parker #30316 ink cartridge for replacement. A pen which has been designed to reduce the pressure needed to write This makes writing less painful for a number of individuals The wide handle is comfortable in the user's palm A clip can attach the pen for security and a cap prevents ink drying out Replacement ink cartridges are available for purchase