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Long Handled Bendable Sponges

Long Handled Bendable Sponges

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Long Handled Bendable Sponges Quick Facts:

  • A long-handled bendable sponge which assists less mobile users with cleaning
  • The user can bend it into a variety of different positions to suit their needs
  • Being able to clean ones self independently can have a big impact on self-confidence
  • The 22" sponges allow the user to reach difficult areas such as the back when cleaning
  • These sponges do not require the application of heat in order to bend
  • Specifications: Total Length: 560mm (22") Weight: 60g

The user is able to manually bend and straighten the handle multiple times so that they can discover a configuration which suits their own specific requirements. When the user changes the sponge angle, it will enable them to clean hard to reach areas such as the back or feet. Unlike many bendable sponges on the market, these specific sponges do not require heat to be applied for them to bend.