Long-Handled-Brush-and-Comb Brush

Long Handled Brush and Comb

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Shoulder pain can have a series of knock on effects. Those with limited arm or shoulder mobility can often find the carrying out of everyday tasks becomes extremely difficult. In order to assist with the lack of motion, these brushes and combs have an extra long handle to reach those hard to get to areas. This brush and comb have extra long, ergonomic handles that are easy to grip and ideal for those with restricted mobility and poor grip. Rubber handles are slip-resistant. The brush and comb are separate items that have similar handles. The shape of the handle makes it easier to reach the back of the head, while the blue and white colour scheme is visible yet will fit in on your dressing table.

  • A choice between a long-handled comb or a long-handled hairbrush
  • Long handles mean the user can reach hard to get to areas when struggling with mobility
  • The handles have a rubber handle so that they will not slip out of the hand
  • An ergonomic shape makes the handles easier to grip
  • White and blue colours Dimensions: Length: 335mm (13 inches)