Long-Handled-Foot-and-Toe-Washing-Sponge One

Long Handled Foot and Toe Washing Sponge

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Long Handled Foot and Toe Washing Sponge Quick Facts:

  • Perfect product for those with limited mobility
  • Makes it easy to wash the harder to reach areas like the toes and back
  • No need for bending or stretching into uncomfortable positions
  • Plastic covered handle with nylon bristle brush
  • 68cm length
  • Comes equipped with 2 spare toe sponges

This long reach toe sponge and brush set enables easier access to wash in bath or shower for those with limited or painful movement. The Long Reach Foot Wash makes it easier to wash hard to reach areas, by reducing the need for bending. It has a plastic contoured handle with a nylon brush for easy cleaning of the feet whether standing or sitting. There is a narrow sponge to help clean between toes. The long plastic handle holds the scrub brush and accommodates the removable toe sponge. SPECIFICATION Length: 68cm (27") Supplied with 2 spare toe sponges Weight 112g Helps those who find it difficult to bend. Long handled brush and toe sponge. 27" long. Lightweight. 2 x replacement sponge.