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Long Handled Net Sponge

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Long Handled Net Sponge Quick Facts:

  • A luxurious net sponge that has a long handle to aid those with difficulties relating to their mobility
  • There is a 15" curved handle which allows users to reach those hard to access areas
  • Light scrunched up netting allows soap to lather more effectively than sponges or brushes
  • Enabling a user to wash can help them maintain their independence and improve their confidence
  • A loop at the end of the handle means that the handled net sponge can be hung up for convenience

This long handled net body washer is a luxurious alternative to a brush or sponge. When washing sometimes sponges and brushes simply scrub the skin without generating any sort of real cleaning power, which can also result in discomfort for the user. In order to facilitate a thorough clean across the body, many people are turning to net sponges, commonly called 'poofs.' These items are made up of scrunched up netting and the aerated spaces encourage the soap to lather, providing a more enjoyable wash. This is placed on top of a long handle to enable those with mobility problems to keep themselves clean and independent. The curved handle allows difficult areas to be washed, especially for those with restricted reach. It is easy to hold and enables users to wash with confidence. At the end of the 15" handle, there is a loop which permits the items to be hung up in the bath or shower

Specifications: Length: 380mm (15") Weight: 80g