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Long Handled Round Bath Sponge

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Long Handled Round Bath Sponge Quick Facts:

  • A 24.5" long-handled rounded sponge for washing of difficult to access areas
  • It can assist those with limited mobility in remaining independent in the bathroom Available as a standard sponge (top photograph) or a sponge with one exfoliating side/one standard side (bottom photograph)
  • A broad handle is easy to grip and will be unlikely to cause hand cramps
  • The user may apply heat to bend the shape to suit their requirements

This long handled bath sponge aims to assist those who don't have a vast range of movement in their hips and shoulders. The comfortable broad handle on the bath sponge makes it easier to grip and is perfect for those who find it difficult to bend to wash their lower limbs. So that the user can choose a configuration that matches their requirements, the sponge handle can be bent with the application of light heat. The handle can be bent to shape by carefully using boiling water or a hair dryer to bend the handle to the desired shape. The sponge can come as a standard washing sponge with rounded edges for additional comfort, or alternatively, an exfoliating sided sponge may be chosen. The length of the handle is approximately 24.5".