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Using a magnifying glass can be extremely helpful when it comes to making smaller text visible. When vision problems set in, smaller text can be harder to read. While they are very useful, magnifying glasses can be a hassle to use, straining one hand and preventing the carrying out of tasks that require both hands. In order to utilise the use of a magnifying glass without the hassle, this magnifying glass comes on a stand. Through facilitating hands free use, individuals are free to carry out the tasks they love. The magnification is 2x, and comes on a weighted base featuring a clamping device. This means that the magnifier can be attached to a table or desk for stability. There is an extendable arm, whereby the user can change the height and angle of the lens to suit them. It is ideal for lovers of arts and crafts, those who enjoy sewing or knitting, or even those who love to read the morning paper. A tabletop magnifier that enables users to see smaller text more clearly The 2x magnification can assist individuals with reader larger pieces of text or carrying out fiddly tasks There is a 52cm arm which can be adjusted in height and angle to find the configuration for each user A clamp is attached so that the magnifier can be anchored to tables and desks where appropriate This magnifier has a large lens and can let users participate in tasks that require both hands Dimensions: Magnifier length: 220mm (8") Magnifier Width: 170mm (6") Arm Length: 52cm