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When reading larger pieces of text such as catalogues, bus timetables or books, sometimes the text can appear too small. For those who experience problems relating to their vision, there may be a need for a magnifier to make the text or imagery appear larger. A traditional magnifying glass can cause problems, such as when it is used across large pieces of text, holding it can become tiring. Also when trying to view a picture, sometimes a magnifying glass has to great a magnification so would result in the image becoming very distorted. to prevent this from happening a magnifier sheet may be used. This is a smaller and cheaper alternative to the full page magnifier. This is a piece of flexible 'fresnel' plastic that will clearly magnify larger areas without causing much distortion. This magnifier sheet can be stored in any desk drawer or amongst an individual's book collection. It would also easily fit in a handbag for when on the go. It has a length of 19cm (7") and a width of 13cm (5"). This is the ideal sheet for magnifying documents such as maps. There comes included a cardboard sleeve to keep the sheet protected when not being used. A convenient 'fresnel' magnifier sheet for assistance with large areas of text or images A magnifying glass can often distort images when trying to enlarge larger areas This magnifier sheet is smaller than others available making it more portable Ideal for viewing photographs or large areas of text like phone directories This 7" x 5" piece comes with a cardboard sleeve for protection