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MemRabel Memory Loss Aid

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The MemRabel is a device that has been designed to help people remember tasks and events by playing recorded messages and pre-programmed times. Up to four different voice messages can be recorded for daily or once a week playback. It is a common occurrence for the elderly suffering from dementia to forget to complete a daily task such as taking pills or going to bed. This can become frustrating, the MemRabel helps regain independence and prevent unnecessary frustration. The MemRabel can help by playing recorded messages at selected alarm times to remind the person of things to do. When a message is played in a familiar voice the person is more at ease. Reminders for medication, appointments with Doctors or day centres and even reminders to eat, can easily be set by a family member or care worker.

  • Dimensions: W155mm H125mm D35mm
  • Display dimension: W100 H95mm
  • Time display digits: 30mm
  • Sun icon for daytime hours
  • Power: 6v dc adapter or 4 x AA batteries