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Metro Travel Bed Cane

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For those with mobility issues, the prospect of travelling can be daunting. It should not have to be, this Metro Travel Bed Cane can provide an instant support handle for any bed, be it at a friend's house or in a hotel. The folding mechanism makes this railing perfect for travel purposes. The attached handle of the BedCane provides support for getting out of bed. This product is versatile, as users are able to slide the handle from its locked position to use it independently as a cane. There is a non-slip ferrule at the bottom to provide security for the user as they get themselves up or down. The handle has been designed to sit comfortably in the palm, making this cane and bed support a pleasure to use. It can be adjusted in height to suit the user's preference and to maximise support offered. A versatile travel bedrail to assist less mobile users who are using other beds The rail can also be used as a cane on its own Non slip ferrules ensure that a high level support is offered by this bed cane The handle is nice to use and not uncomfortable It may be adjusted and folded down to save space when travelling