Micro-Fresh-Therapy-Putty 2.3kg

Micro-Fresh Therapy Putty

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With the addition of an anti-microbial agent called Ultra-Fresh, Micro-Fresh Putty will last longer than standard putty and provide odour protection. This range of putties can be used as an exercise aid, which aims to ensure that people can build up their strength, wherever they may be. The incorporation of this anti-microbial agent enables the putty to resist the growth of destructive and odour-causing microbes. Ultra-Fresh is an EPA-registered anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent. Micro-Fresh Putty is non-toxic, clean and non-oily. It has been designed to meet a wide range of strengthening needs for hands and feet: the putty can be squeezed, stretched, twisted or pinched. The range of putties come in 5 distinct colours, which reflect established standards in resistive exercise, but patients can also combine colours to create custom resistance levels. The putties are latex free to reduce the risk of hands becoming irritated. The putties are available in a range of quantities: 57g, 113g, 454g and 2.3kg tubs A range of putties that have been developed to help users build up strength in their arms, hands and fingers They have been colour coded in resistance, so that users can plan a resistance training routine Anti-microbial agents will increase the longevity of putties and provide odour protection It is non-toxic, clean and latex free so that skin irritation is reduced A range of tub sizes are available, depending on the volume of putty that will be required Strengths available: Super Soft - Tan Soft - Yellow Medium Soft - Red Medium - Green Firm - Blue