Mobility-Rucksack-with-Pockets Mobility Rucksack with Pockets

Mobility Rucksack with Pockets

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This large and spacious bag is perfect for carrying a large amount of items whilst out and about. Its sturdy rucksack design holds numerous possessions, as it features a large front zip pocket in addition to the main compartment, allowing you to fit your personal items inside. Additionally there is a net pocket on both sides of the rucksack which is the perfect size and shape for a water bottle, making this bag highly suitable to be taken out whilst exercising. Like a standard rucksack, the bag features adjustable straps which fit over the back of your wheelchair, whilst the two loop straps enable the bag to be fastened onto wheelchair or rollator handles when out and about. The large and spacious interior of the bag can carry bigger items like books or a change of clothes, with the sturdy material being strong enough to hold heavier items. The adjustable straps enable you to place the bag at a height that is easy for you to reach, whilst the simple zip fastening keeps your possessions secure and is accessible for you to open.

  • Loops onto wheelchair handles.
  • Adjustable straps to fasten to wheelchair back.
  • Net pockets for bottles/eye glasses.
  • Secure and safe zip fastening.
  • Large interior and additional front pocket.