Neoprene-Dumbbells 0.5kg

Neoprene Dumbbells

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Keeping fit is an important way of maintaining strength and improving confidence in people, especially as they get older. Maintaining strength and good fitness levels can greatly improve both physical and mental health. One of the best ways to build muscle is through using weights. This is a range of neoprene coated dumbbells, which have been shown to be ideal for aerobic and fitness training. Using the dumbbells in a variety of ways is perfect for improving strength across all of the upper body. When used as part of an aerobic routine, users can build up strength discreetly. They are comfortable to hold and come in lower level weights to help users get started on weight training. Flat bottoms on the dumbbells prevent the weights from rolling away when placed on to a flat surface. They come in pairs. This is a range of high quality dumbbells which can help users build up strength in their upper body Made from a high grade Neoprene, the durable dumbbells will last for a long time Coming in pairs, the weighted dumbbells can aid a user in increasing muscle mass They have a flat base to prevent them from rolling away when placed on a flat surface There is a range of different weights to choose from A range of different weights available: Pink - 0.5kg Purple - 1kg Green - 1.5kg Blue - 2kg Orange - 3kg Red - 4kg Black - 5kg