Patterson-Medical---Non-Spill-Drinking-Cup-with-Spout-&-Small-Aperture Patterson Medical - Non-Spill Drinking Cup with Spout & Small Aperture

Non-Spill Drinking Cup with Spout & Small Aperture

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Non-spill Drinking Cup Key Features

  • Contoured to improve grip
  • Transparent plastic allows liquid level control
  • Durable yet lightweight
  • The spout has a spill resistant valve
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe up to 130°C

    This feeding cup has an angled spout to facilitate ease of use. There are grooves in the cup to ensure a better grip for the user. This could be benficial to individuals who struggle with gripping smooth glass or plastic. This cup is great at protecting the user from spills as there is a secure lid. On top of this there is a unique valve that enables flow control. The cup is transparent so that the user can monitor the liquid level as they fill the cup. This has the potential to prevent the liquid overflowing, and therefore reducing the risk of spillage. The lid has a special spout with a small aperture. This means that the flow is directed into the user's mouth to prevent dribbling of liquids. 

    Specifications: Weight: 75g Capacity: 200ml (7fl.oz)