Norfolk-Height-Adjustable-Stacking-Commode 5 litre

Norfolk Height Adjustable Stacking Commode

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The Norfolk stacking commode has many fantastic features such as a height adjustable frame and adjustable sliding pan rack. The adjustable pan rack allows the commode to accommodate a 5, 10 or 20-litre bucket with lid. The seat and back are vinyl welded for hygiene and safety. The Commode is available in the standard model with 5 or 10-litre pans, or a 5-litre pan with a hinged thermoset plastic toilet seat.

Specifications - Colour: Black and brown - Width between arms: 505mm - Depth of seat: 350mm - Height from floor to top of seat: 480mm - 570mm - Height from floor to top of back: 800mm - 900mm - Height of arms of seat: 225mm - Max user weight 25st (154kg)