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Recommended by chiropractors and physiotherapists, the NSD Powerball is a fully dynamic, rehabilitation product that takes the wrist through the actual ranges of its motion while simultaneously adding resistance. Its unique non impact properties gently stress damaged areas in a perfectly smooth and balanced manner which cannot be replicated by traditional exercise routines or therapy. Its unique design allows it to works every muscle in the forearm in every direction, including eccentric, its smooth rolling motion also improves flexibility and blood flow in the wrist but with zero impact on the joints helping in the prevention and rehabilitation of RSI, Carpal Tunnel and Tendonitis. This NSD Powerball is a great way of ensuring all parts of the hand and wrist are exercised, which in turn can assist with issues relating to dexterity and control. The resistance level generated by the ball is directly related to the speed at which the internal rotor is spun, so the Powerball can be used without further risk or damage to existing inflamed areas. An innovative method of encouraging exercise of the hands and arms The NSD Powerball uses an inbuilt motor to encourage resistance and interaction among users A smooth rolling motion has been shown to increase blood flow in the wrist, assisting with conditions such as Carpal tunnel The non-impact properties can ensure that the wrist is fully exercised without causing damage Every muscle in the forearm will be activated in ways traditional exercises cannot Available in two models: Classic - loaded with a high performance 250Hz rotor Pro - loaded with a high performance 250Hz rotor and an inbuilt digital speed meter