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Magnifying glasses have been helping people out for a long time. Their simple design means that it is a quick and affordable way of making something appear larger. As we get older, our vision has a tendency to deteriorate, and there may be individuals of any age who struggle to see things properly. With a magnifying glass any small text or imagery is made larger for the purposes of seeing it clearly. Whether it be instructions on a medication packet or for threading a needle, this simple magnifier can assist. With its 5x magnification lens, this magnifier is ideal for use whether at home or in an office. The lightweight, 65mm (2.5") magnifying glass can be brought wherever it is needed. The portability is ideal for trying to read those awkward restaurant menus when out and about. There is a black plastic frame and handle, which offers protection for the lens and makes handling the magnifier an easy task. A small handheld magnifying glass ideal for carrying when out and about The 65mm magnifier has a small handle and black plastic rim to protect the lens within Making text and images slightly larger can put less strain on the eyes The lens has a 5 times magnification It is ideal for reading small print such as medicine instructions or newspaper print