Pan-Fitted-Toilet-Surround-Safety-Frame One size

Pan Fitted Toilet Surround Safety Frame

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Fixes securely to the existing toilet seat

Height adjustable

Secure, comfortable hand grips

Can be used alongside raised toilet seats

This aluminium frame is secured to the toilet by the existing seat with a plate on the frame which fixes through the holes securing the existing toilet seat to the porcelain. (Please note that the distance between the bolt holes, on the frame's plate, is 17cm. Please ensure that this matches your particular toilet prior to ordering.)

The legs are height adjustable to suit a number of toilets. Mouldings on the arms provide a secure hand grip and broad area for resting arms whilst on the toilet. May be combined with a raised toilet seat provided the existing seat is able to be left in place.

The legs and arms of the frame may be removed when not required.

Height of arms 640 to 750mm (25 to 29.5"). Width between legs 400 to 550mm (16 to 22"). Width between arms 387 to 537mm (15.5 to 21.5"). Weight 1.4kg. Maximum user weight: 100kg (15.75 stone).