Polyester-Wipeclean-Bib Blue

Polyester Wipeclean Bib

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A smart, practical bib that requires no washing. It goes around the neck of the user and hangs in front of them, this means that there is a barrier between the user and any spillages. This protects the user from any food, drinks or other mess such as paint. Both the upper polyester surface and the PVC backing can be simply wiped clean after use. They are durable enough so that they can be wiped clean with a very dilute beach or similar household detergent solution. The neck features a hook and loop fastening to help with an easy adjustment when fitting. The longer length provides good protection for the user and their clothing.

  • Pleasant blue. 
  • A polyester and PVC construction makes it waterproof and durable.
  • Held in place with an easy to use hook and loop fastening.
  • Protection from any spillages resulting from food, drink or mess from hobbies.
  • Can easily be adjusted if needs be using a hook and loop fastening.