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Provale Cup

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Ideal for individuals who may have difficulty swallowing, the Provale cup can be filled at the beginning of the meal and the diner can drink independently. The cup delivers a measured amount of liquid (5ml or 10ml) to the drinker to prevent choking. By providing safe quantities, the cup can monitor the user's consumption like a carer, but when the drinker is on their own, which promotes independence. The slots in the side of the cup enable the user to choose from either optional one or two easy-grip handle or no handle design. The cup is dishwasher safe, and made of a durable plastic that will not smash if dropped.

  • Promotes independent drinking
  • Cup delivers a safe amount of liquid
  • Dishwasher safe
  • A tough and durable plastic cup for fluids
  • There is control over the portion size (choose from 5 - 10ml)