Quilted-Reusable-Bed-Protector Quilted Reusable Bed Protector

Quilted Reusable Bed Protector

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There are many forms of bed protectors for incontinence. What sets this apart is the fact it is a reusable, highly absorbent pad. By using a pad in the target area, it means that protection is provided, but the user is free to keep their current bedding set.

This bed pad is warm and comfortable but also highly absorbent. It keeps the sleeper dry, reduces the need for bed changes and helps prevent soreness and infection. The reusable pad is quilted with highly absorbent fibres for faster dispersal of liquid and has a durable waterproof backing.

  • The pad is machine washable, meaning it can be used time and time again.
  • A reusable pad to protect bedding from moisture
  • It has a durable waterproof backing to prevent the mattress from getting damp
  • Highly absorbent fibres to disperse the liquid faster
  • The pad is extremely comfortable for the user in bed
  • It is machine washable for repeated use


  • Length: 850mm (33.5")
  • Width: 700mm (27.5")
  • Absorbency: 2 litres