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Reclining Wheelchair

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This chair is unique in the sense that it offers the user the ability to recline fully so that their body is at a 180 degree angle. It works like a normal wheelchair that can be self-propelled using the hand rims on the wheels. The footrests and back can be adjusted which allows the chair to go from a standard upright position into a horizontal position for therapy, relaxation and support purposes.

The chair also has a head support that isn't normally found on wheelchairs This wheelchair is great for those people who would be spending a lot of time in the chair and would benefit from variable positions.

On top of the unique design, the chair boasts a lot of the great features found on conventional chairs. The mechanism folds down for easier storage, as it takes up minimal space. The moulded armrests offer comfort for the user, as does the vinyl seat fabric, which is easy to wipe down. This chair is practical and also good looking due to its polished chrome and black colour scheme.

Reclines from upright to horizontal position, which can be beneficial to certain individuals Detachable armrests have comfort padding on for a relaxing sit A removable head support offers a headrest where other chairs do not It can be folded for easy storage and transport Chrome plated steel frame and stainless steel skirt guards look good


Height: 107cm (42")

Width: 66cm (26") Depth: 125cm (49")

Seat Height: 51cm (20")

Seat Width: 45cm (18")

Max user weight: 115kg (18st)