Remote-Control-Wireless-LED-Lights-(3-Pack) Remote Control Wireless LED Lights (3 Pack)

Remote Control Wireless LED Lights (3 Pack)

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  •  No more straining to reach awkwardly positioned light switches
  •  Remote control works from 10m distance
  • Lights fix easily to metal surfaces with magnets
  • Six incredibly bright yet energy-efficient LEDs per light 
  • Just add 3x AAA batteries 

This set of three Remote Control Wireless LED lights are about as versatile a lighting solution as we could come up with. Lightweight, compact and battery powered, they're easy to set up wherever required around the home, fixing immediately to metal surfaces with the built-in magnets or fastened more securely to walls, skirting boards and more via the wall-mounting attachments. Don't spend another day bending and straining to reach awkwardly placed light switches;the included remote control works from a 10m distance to simultaneously control all three energy-saving LED lights. Choose from full or half power settings as best suits your needs; there's even a thirty minute timer. 


Weight: 499g Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 15cm

Batteries Required: Yes