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Reusable Readi Bed Protector

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If a mattress became wet, there are a lot of problems can occur. It is important to protect a mattress from getting wet, whether resulting from minor spills or incontinence. If moisture is let into a mattress for too long, fungal mould can form and the mattress becomes a haven for bacteria growth. This is a reusable bed protector which can stop liquids reaching your mattress. This Readi Bed protector is a specially designed, reusable, washable underpad that looks and feels like normal bedding protection.

Both the user and the bed are kept dry with the stay dry layer and waterproof backing. This reduces discomfort for the user and should not inhibit their quality of sleep. It comes supplied with fabric wings to help secure the pad into place, ensuring that your mattress always remains protected. The absorbency is suitable for light to moderate incontinence. A discreet waterproof 'Readi Bed' protector It protects the mattress from moisture, extending its life The pad is fully machine washable for repeated use It has fabric wings to secure the pad in the right position The absorbency is capable of dealing with light to moderate levels of incontinence