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Riser Recliner Table

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This chair table is compatible with most styles of mechanical chair, and may be used with a lift chair, standard recliner or couch. The design accommodates for the underside of these chairs and makes good use of space by providing a durable and level surface in front of the user that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as eating, drinking, writing, using a computer or reading. There is also a swivelling feature, permitting 180 degrees of rotation for access to the chair when necessary. This also is good for chairs that are pressed up against the wall and where space is in demand. The stylish wood grain laminated table top itself has 360 degrees of rotation so that the ideal configuration can be found.  A magazine rack is built in for added convenience for the user.

  • Accommodating for the bottom mechanisms, this table can be used in unison with a lift chair, standard recliner or couch
  • Suitable to be used as an eating surface, as well as safe to use for drinking, working, writing or reading
  • The swivelling table allows for instant access to a chair as well as for finding the perfect angle for each user
  • Available in both left hand and right hand side models, a stylish wood grain laminated finish will compliment any living room
  • Please note: Both images display the right hand orientation