Standard-Indoor-Boccia-/-Bocce-/-Botcha-Set Standard Indoor Boccia Set

Standard Indoor Boccia / Bocce / Botcha Set

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  • Great for indoor low effort activity
  • Made from robust Korean Pu material
  • Comes set with medium hardness
  • 12 panel ball design
  • Includes reusable holding bag

This is a standard indoor competition set of boccia balls. Made from an innovative Korean pu-material, which provides extreme comfort as well as a durable design. They come with a medium hardness and a 12 panel design, which reduces the risk of the ball falling apart. Despite the hard feel of each ball once purchased, be assured that after a short use, the balls will soften to a medium hardness. In the set there are 6 blue balls, 6 red balls, a 'jack' ball, and a Boccia bag. Please note that the colour of the bag may vary from that shown in the photograph. This set, allows less mobile individuals to join in with a competitive sport.