Troja-Walker-Accessories Umbrella
Troja-Walker-Accessories Tray
Troja-Walker-Accessories Storage Bag
Troja-Walker-Accessories Bottle Holder
Troja-Walker-Accessories Lamp
Troja-Walker-Accessories Cane Holder
Troja-Walker-Accessories Rear Bag
Troja-Walker-Accessories Back Rest

Troja Walker Accessories

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Here we have a comprehensive range of accessories available for the Troja and 2G walkers which are available to purchase separately. It is the walker made for people suffering from arthritic symptoms and need to take the weight from their wrists and hands, spreading it evenly over the body.

Accessories include:

An Umbrella - perfect for protecting users from any rain and keeping a hand free

A Tray - ideal for carrying items from room to room on the walker

Travel bag - for carrying essentials such as keys, a purse or wallet, mobile phone etc when out and about

Bottle holder - for refreshments when required, keeping you hydrated

Lamp - see in the dark with this handy clip on lamp

Cane holder - this clever little device holds your walking stick safely and securely, keeping it close at hand

Bag - for carrying slightly larger items than the travel bag, ideal for shopping

Back rest - for back support when using the seat and taking a breather